Summarize Slack conversations in seconds

Meet Crux, summarization powered by AI

One-click thread summaries

Use the Crux shortcut and get thread summaries with one-click.

Slack thread summaries shortcut

Crux summarizes the thread into actionable information with the core decisions and contributors.

Channel summaries

Get the channel summary for last one day with `/crux` command.

Slack channel summaries shortcut

Summarize Slack channels to find out the most important issues and bring your team back together.

Channel daily digest

Find yourself buried in Slack messages?

Slack channel daily summaries

Save time with scheduled channel summaries of your team's most important communication.

Save decisions in Notion

Always be on top of your teams' decisions.

Save Slack decisions to Notion

When you make decisions in Slack, Crux automatically creates a corresponding document in your Notion workspace.

Top use cases for Crux

Did you know that taking just a few seconds to summarize Slack conversations can save hundreds of hours?

Make faster, better decisions

Picture this― you're making a tough decision. Trying to make the best choice, considering all possible outcomes. We understand that it's frustrating to go back and forth to find all that information, so we created Crux with you in mind.

Summary in seconds

Get actionable insights

Your team is too busy to comb through every Slack message. Crux automatically summarizes the highlights in your Slack channels so you can make fast decisions, saving time and money.

Flood of messages

No more "Information overload"

Keeping up with the daily happenings on Slack can seem like a full-time job. Summarize Slack channels to find out the most important issues and bring your team back together.

Best messages

Wait, there's more!

Privacy First

At Crux, we have the utmost respect for our user's privacy. We never store any messages or personal identification information.

Instant Responses

Crux answers instantly to your requests. It summarizes your conversations in real-time, ensuring you don't wait.

Money Plant

Crux saves you money both: when you buy it and the work hours the team saves by using it.

Paramount Security

We adhere to all the security guidelines Slack sets and encrypt any data that requires persistence using the AES256 algorithm.